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Success stories

We show you below some of our success stories


Rookie Chamber Music

First eTalent in the history of Rookiebox. Groups from 5 countries participate and vote from 103 countries. Groups from 5 countries participate and vote from 103 countries. Radio Nacional de Radio Nacional de España has echoed the eTalent.

RTVE - Rookiebox
Raised: 3000 €
Contracted by institution

Talent Showlidario Hergaher – La Antigua

Group of university students with the objective of funding their end-of-career trip and raising funds for AERSCYL and PREMYA, organized an eTalent Talent in which musicians, instrumentalists, monologuists, magicians, dancers, singer-songwriters ... participated of all Spain. The 10 most voted performed in a Final in Salamanca.They obtained income for the registration fee of € 3, for voting at € 1 and ticket sales at € 5.They obtained a total € 10,000 of collection.

Raised: 2500 €
Free - Contracted by institution

Urban dance Fàcyl

The International Festival of Arts of Castilla y León (Fàcyl) was looking for 8 talents that came to perform in Salamanca to promote urban dance. Talents from all of Spain participated.

Free - Contracted by institution


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